Hope and Peace from Within: Old Ambo Galleries, 13-23 June

HOPE AND PEACE FROM WITHIN is a collection of powerful portraits and interviews from the Bloomhill Cancer Care community. The exhibition features visuals by photographer and cancer survivor Joe Surface and interviews by writer Emma Downer. Capturing clients in their...

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Long Table Dinner, 6.00pm, Sunday 16 June

OUR MAY LONG TABLE DINNER, is open to everyone and is all about sharing. Essential to share is a plate and a sense of humour. Drinks and story telling are optional!   If you are thinking of coming to the Long Table Dinner on June 16 at 6.00pm please...

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Improvisation Workshop-Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June

IMPROVISATION WORKSHOP - This Improvisation Workshop features Shaun Bennett and his team of Yes Way Theatre. A delight for all ages this workshop will provide a refreshing play with the very elements that make good theatre work. VENUE: The Black Box Theatre, at the...

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A Creative Space for Creative Businesses

Core activities offered encompass projects and programs utilising the facility for:

  • Creative Art Space
  • Workshop Space
  • Community Space & Support programs
  • Exhibition & Performance Space
  • Education and Training Venue & Programs (Accredited and non-accredited)

  • Recording Studio
  • Creative Incubator Program
  • Artist in Residence Space & Program
  • Multicultural Festivals Venue & Support
  • Retail Shop Space
  • Business & Office Space