The Grenadiers – Missy Jones & Elly Barrett – are a new Australian folk duo who are proud to be launching their debut EP, When Everyone’s Asleep. They will be joined by old musical friends and mentors Steve Cook, Jem Dunlop and Robyn Foley for an intimate evening of song, tune and harmony.

Missy grew up in Nambour, so she is particularly excited to be kicking off the launch tour in her home town.

Elly and Missy are children of the folk world, following their adopted music around the Australian folk circuit. They appear together by festival fireside or bar with ethereal songs – folksongs from the old traditions and fresh observations on the nature of the world, resonating with improvised harmonies, and sung a cappella or accompanied with guitar and fiddles.

Though only officially formed a year ago, The Grenadiers have already supported the likes of Martyn Wyndham-Read, John Broomhall and Martin Pearson. Earlier this year they had the opportunity to go to the UK & Ireland, where they performed on the prestigious Open Stage at Orkney Folk Festival and at Matt Molloy’s own pub in Westport, Ireland. They recorded their debut EP When Everyone’s Asleep while in Sheffield, and have now come home to present it to you.

7.30pm, Saturday 2 December, Black Box Theatre

$10/$7 at the Black Box Theatre door or from