THE EIGHT REINDEER MONOLOGUES – Christmas is nearly here… but things are not what they should be amongst the team that pulls Santa’s sleigh. The rumour mill is in overdrive. Most agree Santa is no saint, but this time it seems he’s gone too far. Something has happened with Vixen, and everyone has an opinion. What happens when the world’s most untouchable man is accused and exposed? Where do alliances stand and fall? 
In the age of #MeToo Jeff Goode’s The Eight: Reindeer Monologues has never been more relevant or important. 
Cast: Zac Boulton, Patrick Cowley, Ebony Hamacek, Calum Johnston, Jackson O’Sullivan, Izzie Radley, Lele Te’o and Nathan Wilson
Directed By: Anita Sweeney and Jackson O’Sullivan
Dates: Performances at 2.00pm and 7.30pm Saturday 8 December
Tickets: Adult $30; Concession $25; Recommended 15+ (adult themes)
Venue: The Black Box Theatre, The Old Ambulance Station, 80 Howard Street, Nambour