Volunteer Coordinator

The Old Ambo is significantly dependent on a small but commited volunteer workforce. Robyn is a practised leader of volunteers. A resident of the Sunshine Coast hinterland since 2000, Robyn worked with several hundred schools and community groups during her time as Queensland Project and Training Officer for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. Bringing those years of experience to her new business, The Kitchen Garden Teacher, Robyn works with schools to build financial and volunteer resilience to build sustainability in their kitchen garden programs.

Aside from a strong interest in good food education, Robyn loves listening and sharing stories and produces a weekly video podcast, Stories from the Red Couch which enables local small business owners the opportunity to share their stories.

In Robyn’s own words, “We are (generally) drawn to and drenched in celebrity and catastrophe but we are so much more, Stories from the Red Couch is a platform for our local stories to be heard, shared and connect to others.”

“If the richness of life’s experiences could earn a qualification denoted as a group of letters then I’d probably have quite a few after my name. My back story is best told over a fine meal and a glass of lime and soda and if you join us at an Old Ambo Long Table Dinners you can ask me about it.”
“If you can’t join us for dinner but would like to find out more;”