The exhibition Me & Leonard & an Old Piano by Jo Williams is the result of years of her organic affair with music and a couple of old pianos. 

Jo works to music in her arts practice, from an eclectic selection ranging from Phillip Glass, Mama Mofo to Gregorian Chants. Her favourite though is Leonard Cohen. His music. His lyrics. Whether she is responding to African Drums or didgeridoo or Mozart, Jo believes that it is the song on the music page that will affect your emotions and therefore your mark making. 

The piano entered Jo’s practice seven years ago when the Gympie Regional Art Gallery proposed she do a workshop over 3 weeks for their 15th birthday celebrations. The theme was ‘Playing Up’ with the image of a piano.

Jo found an old piano in the Maryborough dump shop, but the logistics of getting it to Gympie were so overwhelming they got their own piano. So hers sat in the weather for a year before she dismantled it and started using the pieces in her drawings and in her assemblage pieces. 

Earth Song
Strike A Chord
I Wish There Was A Treaty

Jo uses acrylic paints and mixed media in her paintings and her themes are very organic and conceptual in nature. Her assemblages and sculptures are made up from layers of found objects – including old piano parts – and quite often organic material.

Says Jo, ” I don’t analyse where my work is going. I start with a concept, an idea, lyrics from a song and it develops organically exploring different mediums as I roll.  It’s only looking back I can see how one work informed another, which could be expanding a detail from a large canvas to a series of smaller works. This process can go on forever. I’m also interested in the hands-on development of assemblage and the randomness of material. I work on everything simultaneously.”

“Music stills my restless soul. Music takes my spirit to unbearable heights. Music heals me …”

Dates: 28 August to 2 October 2020

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 3.00pm, Monday to Saturday