Joining the virtual dinner table for June’s dinner will be our very special guests, Kari, Claire Carpenter and Jesper Christiansen. Like all Long Table Dinners, you’ll enjoy the company, the humour and the unexpected!

Kari is a maker - with clay, fabric, wood and silver - and she’s a unique, very talented celebrant. But at our dinner she will contribute as a musician! 

Award-winning social entrepreneur Claire Carpenter, CEO and founder of The Melting Pot – one of the world’s first coworking spaces – in 2005 in her adopted home city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Claire’s expertise is in personal, organisational and community development. She is an ideas and action oriented person and will present thejourney of bringing this European ‘first’ to life and keeping it alive in this industry’s current battle due to Covid19.

After creating and developing his various hats in many countries, Jesper  Christiansen entered the Solution Focused (SF) world more than a decade ago – a world of simple, fast acting approaches to complex challenges. Jesper is happy to share a little family-corona-story “Taking our own SF medicine”.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again and to welcoming your friends, your neighbours and any interstate and overseas fly-ins – please do share this invitation.

To join in our VLTD at 6.00pm (AEST) Tuesday 16 June it is important that you RSVP to Ludmila Doneman before Sunday 14th June. 

Those attending will be emailed an invitation with all that you’ll need to know plus the Zoom link. If you are not experienced with Zoom let us know now and we will ‘walk’ you through it ahead of the meeting – it’s easy!

Date: 6.00pm, Tuesday 16 June

Venue: The Dinner Table at Your Place! 

RSVP: Ludmila Doneman