Haimakura is a Japanese word for inspiring and spiritual places in the natural landscape. Haimakura Hinterland are watercolours on paper by local artist Roger Callen of those haimakura places he has identified in southern Queensland.


Roger is motivated by the mystery and intensity of Being, engaging with landscape and nature. He believes that our western society makes us live in our own imagined world, full of hidden boundaries and blind spots which alienate us from our debt to the environment that supports us. His interest in the history and nature of rocks and mountains and the plants that cover them, led to studies in botany and geology, that inspire his art.

Maimakura Hinterland

Haimakura Hinterland explores places in the landscape that point to the origin of life-force or chi, hence the Japanese word reference. Hinterland is to be taken in its more general sense as that which hovers on the margins of ‘western’ culture, as well as referring to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where most of the works are based.

Roger’s relationship with landscape has been there from an early age when he wandered the chalk downs of Kent in England as a boy, collecting fossils and enjoying nature. As an adult he worked mostly in the desert-mountains, dunes and salt-lakes of South Australia.


Artist Roger Callen

Roger prefers to paint or draw plein air, though he also works in the studio. His art ranges from realist, expressionist, to abstract and may include collage elements, using mainly water-based media on paper or canvas.

Official Opening: 6pm Friday 1 November by well known Maleny artist Peter Hudson. 

Meet the Artist: Meet Roger informally at our Long Table Dinner, 6-8pm Saturday 16 November. 

Hours: 10.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Saturday