Ever wish you could use the skills you already have to do something you are passionate about, something that will create positive change?

As the owner of Bigger Vision I get to do this every day when I help micro businesses and non-profits to create and action affordable, effective marketing campaigns.

There’s not one word that really describes what I do, though ‘facilitator’ comes to mind. In French (my first language) ‘facile’ means easy, and that’s really what I do for people or groups looking to grow their reach: I use my skills to make it easier for you.

I hail from sunny Brussels, Belgium. After uni I flew myself to Tokyo, where I proceeded to teach English and French for eight years. And I also collected an Aussie husband. I traveled far and wide before settling in Australia, lucky me! Then I worked nine years with Hyatt Hotels, completed a Business degree while working and raising a child, and spent too long employed in small businesses, until it hit me: it was up to me to create the job I always wanted!

Fast forward to today, Sunshine Coast, Australia. I have created the job I always wanted, no matter what day of the week it is, it’s always a great day! I’m half way through a Master’s in Adult Education, but that’s on the back-burner for now, too much happening in my business.

I run workshops about social media and marketing and it’s a great way to get to know like-minded locals who are ready to grow their business too. In my ‘spare’ time I do pro-bono marketing for non-profit groups. I love connecting people in my community, as together we can do so much more!