Artifical Intelligence – Future Business Benefits Forum

Are we in a new AI bubble or will deep learning (DL) deliver on all its promises? Due mainly to deep learning, the past decade has seen incredible, exciting and somewhat unexpected progress in AI.

Recently, the debate about the best approach for achieving real AI seems to be reignited as some DL systems fail to live up to the original hype. A growing number of AI researchers think we should take a fresh look at both symbolic and connectionist architectures, and even explore more hybrid solutions.

In a non confronting and easy to digest manner, this two hour panel, Q&A and mingle session will discuss the current nature and practical aspects of AI. It will de-bunk the myths and recommend how businesses can embrace AI, both now and in to the future. The forum will also suggest what tips can be provided when looking at service providers to support a business’s AI needs.

Our panel will consist of three informed and influential thinkers, writers and speakers on AI.

Dr Natalie Rens

Dr Natalie Rens is the Artificial Intelligence Specialist for the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, where she works on strategies to advance AI capability in Queensland. She is the organiser of Brisbane.AI, a meetup with over 2,000 members. Recently, Natalie also founded her own company, Spaceport AI, with the goal of developing technologies that will enable humans to live in space.  Natalie holds a Bachelor in Biomedical Science (honours), Master in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, and a PhD in Neuroscience. Her research focused on the use of machine learning and computational models to predict human voluntary decisions. 

Dr John Flackett

Dr John Flackett is the co-founder koolth (a smart web specialist company) and AiLab; an Artificial Intelligence business assisting individuals, industry, government & community in learning and navigating AI through research, resources, policy development, workshops and events/meetups.Artificial Intelligence is John’s passion and has been an integral part of his career via teaching, research, business and education. John has also designed and developed bespoke software for use across many industries (including retail, oil & gas, education & IT). He achieved his PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing) in 2005.


Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson is the founder and CEO of Xandra, a conversation design studio working voice platforms including Amazon, Echo, Google Home and other emerging AI interfaces. His entrepreneurial passion also finds him currently as the Entrepreneur in Residence for SunCentral Maroochydore and less recently as the CEO of Spark Bureau, a low cost start up shared office space for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses in Maroochydore. 


Michael Doneman

Moderating the forum will be Michael Doneman, founding director of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship a vocational education and training business. Michael is also the Board President of The Old Ambulance Station.




Date: Wednesday 11 July, 5.00-m to 7.00pm : 5.00pm -5.30pm drinks and mingle, 5.30pm-6.30pm panel and Q&A, 6.30pm-7.00pm drinks and mingle

Venue: Main Gallery Space, Old Ambulance Station, 80 Howard Street, Nambour

Cost: $15 includes nibbles. Cash bar

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