The first of the Old Ambulance Station’s own business enterprises, Ambo Media Makers is a video and audio studio providing training in broadcasting skills. Our clients come from the community, business and colleges to learn a range of broadcasting skills and to use our purpose built studio and equipment.


Our studio equipment is pretty cool. We have:

 For video; a Black Magic Design Studio Camera; a Panasonic Lumix Leica 12-60mm F2.8-4 OIS Zoom 62mm Lens; and a Benro Video Tripod;

 For Live Production; a Black Magic ATEM Television Studio HD; a Black Magic Web Presenter and a HyperDeck Studio Mini;

 For Lighting: a Lowel 800W MAX RIFA EX and a Matthews lightweight heavy duty triple riser;

 For Audio; 2 x Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Mics and a Yamaha MG12XU D-Pre Mixer with effects and USB;

 And to pull it all together a computer and monitors for internet connection. 

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To book the Ambo Media Makers Studio contact Robyn Cook on 0458 723 590 or email The Old Ambo

Fans of Ambo Media Makers

 You guys are fabulous! I couldn’t be happier with the finished product: high quality video, excellent lighting and perfect sound combine to create the perfect setting for my story ‘Over the Gate at Graceland 1959’. The video editing was flawless and complimented the flow of the story.

Your extensive experience with putting video onto YouTube was invaluable, particularly about how to create a good thumbnail picture. What has been created with your help is much better than anything I could have managed alone. 

As well, your knowledge of ‘key words’ and how to compose a description of the video saved me a lot of time and indecision. When the time came to push the ‘publish’ button, I had full confidence in the finished product.

Thanks also for letting me use your broadband connection to speed up the process. Along with the cups of tea, cake and good conversation, the whole process was very enjoyable.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ambo Media Makers to anyone needing quality video, at a reasonable price, done by likeable people.


Best of luck

Herb Fenn   

Thank You!

Matt, you put in a superlative and remarkable effort in livestreaming and turning the videos into TEDx style presentations. Finally, with time to sit down and actually watch the Seminar, it is clear that you exceeded absolutely every expectation and did an amazing job. You edited the videos right down to the second, panning and enlarging vision, which I didn’t expect. And I was amazed by how great quality the camera was - barely any discernable quality degradation. Thank you and incredibly well done, you can be very proud, and we very much appreciate you going the extra lengths to take on the task.

- Jimmy

Jimmy has said it all - you did an outstanding, job - a gazillion thank-yous - Jj

Here is the final YouTube playlist for all of the talks on Main Stage:

Tiny Houses Expo

Connect with Ambo Media Makers

To learn more about the services and courses Ambo Media Makers offers contact Robyn Cook on 0458 723 590 or email The Old Ambo


Ambo Media Makers is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s Grants Program