A unique Bio Drama performance is happening at the Old Ambulance Station’s Black Box Theatre
(80 Howard St, Nambour) Fri 20th and Sat 21st May starting 7:30pm. Tickets only $17ea.

Book your tickets through the Anywhere Festival website here:
Working closely with the local Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi) community to develop the play’s script
inspired by the sacred story of Maroochy, Coolum and Ninderry. Among many other influences – the
work is a combination of multi-cultural inspirations with artists from Australia, Brazil, Colombia,
Argentina, Spain, Serbia, the UK, and Slovakia - Creating an innovative and unique approach to an
ancient and traditional Gubbi Gubbi story.
The play ‘La Andariega: Ancient Memories’ is the culmination of 17days of intensive workshops and
development in the ground-breaking style of Bio Drama Bio Dharma - A new form of physical theatre
pioneered by Beatriz Camargo - a renowned Colombian actress and dramaturg. Beatriz explains:
“The Biodrama-Biodharma style is the first approach to the vision that integrates through the
performing arts, all arts and knowledge with nature. The focus is to find again the balance between
human beings and the planet. This theatre leads practitioners and audiences to ancient mythologies
which connect body, soul, voice, territory, dramaturgy, staging and performance. It establishes a
creative relationship between contemporary art and ancient roots.”
‘La Andariega’ is a Spanish phrase meaning ‘she who walks’ which is a representation of the journey
through the dreaming world of myths and memories – and also describes the journey that we have
taken to connect the continents of South America and Australia through the work of the Colombian
group Teatro Itinerante Del Sol and the Bio Drama Dharma philosophy. Which, in a kind of beautiful
serendipitous connection between cultures links with the story of Maroochy, who as she walks she
creates the river as we know it today with her tears.
We are inviting the community to be part of this life changing work and experience something really
moving and inspiring. Passing on the important message of acknowledging the custodians of this land
and all lands in which we travel through time and space.
Supported by Sunshine Coast Regional Council via their Regional Arts Development Fund Regional
Arts Development Fund (RADF) which is a partnership between the Queensland Government and
Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.
To find out more please contact Lillian Shewring M: 0423 471 194 | lilly@maraccas.org