The last Old Ambo Long Table Dinner had not only the usual one to one conversation exchanges over the great food we shared, but a number of announcements and entertaining contributions are shared across the long table.



Surrounded by the colours of the Loud and Clear exhibition (on the walls of the Old  Ambo for a whole month and introduced to us by John) people shared their various creations


Matt presented his mum’s cook book.


Matt’s enthusiasm was appreciated by Robyn, the author and by a number of us who purchased some copies.


Glenda, the beautiful host of the evening gifted us with her great singing and Jenny added to it with quite a bit of involvement from the audience.

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Judith presenting her brooches. 

Come and join us on the 16th of every month, you might have a song, a brooch, a painting, a book or something altogether different to share as well. If not, just come and add some JOY.

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