Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from the story by Henry James and presented by Firelight Theatre.

A group gathers around a fire to share ghost stories, and a man steps up to tell the tale of his sister’s governess…. It is 1872, and a young woman accepts her first appointment as governess to two orphaned children. Her joy at finding herself in charge at an English country manor, however, quickly turns to growing unease. The children’s previous governess and her lover both died untimely deaths, and it seems their spirits are restless. From beyond the graves they reach out, and the young woman must find the courage to keep the children safe from their malicious clutches, even when others question her sanity. Has she got what it takes? 

Join us for this tale of power, seduction and horror. What will YOU see?

Cast: Ebony Hamacek and Jackson O’Sullivan

Dates: Friday October 26, 7.30pm and Saturday October 27, 2pm and 7.30pm

Venue: The Black Box Theatre, The Old Ambulance Station, Nambour

Cost: Adult $30, Concession $25, Children 14 & under $20

Tickets:;  or at the door