The Travelling Wunderkammer

Wunderkammer, or cabinets of curiosities, arose in mid-sixteenth-century Europe as repositories for all manner of wondrous and exotic objects and antiques.  

This Travelling Wunderkammer is a collaboration of interdisciplinary artists in puppetry, animatronics, virtual reality, sculpture, prop building, performance art, fine art and fibre art to recreate a menagerie of mythological creatures gathered from the four corners of the globe.

See for yourself real Faeries and Dragons, monsters and aliens. See if you can wake the slumbering Yeti or uncover the spells hidden deep in the magic Grimorum Necromorum. Be enthralled by the the Großmutter Meerjungfrau, but cover your ears as she wails the song of the Siren calling for her lost babies.


Engage with the kinetic sculptures on display, for it is through our relationship to the hidden and mystical that we can enter the world of lost artifacts, and mythical creatures. Connect to magic and the darker side of the magical realm! 

Date: Saturday 25 August to Saturday 6 October

Venue: Gallery 1, Old Ambulance Station, 80 Howard Street, Nambour

Cost: Free entry