We are pleased to announce that the Old Ambulance Station is represented on the Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program Steering Committee. We were part of the (ultimately successful) bid led by Sunshine Coast Regional Council for Advance Queensland co-funding of the program, which will provide $1M to regional development over the next three years. Importantly, this locates the Old Ambo in a central position with relation to the ‘five key priority areas’ of our region:

  1. Smart Cities;
  2. Food and Agribusiness;
  3. Health and Wellbeing;
  4. Sustainability and Environment; and
  5. Creatives Industries.

We are now senior partners in an economic development network which includes more than 20 stakeholders, including Sunshine Coast and Noosa Councils, Regional Development Australia (as government collaborators), the SC Innovation Centre, SunCentral, Innovate Noosa (itself a consortium of Noosa region enterprises) and Telstra, among others.

We anticipate – and we’ll work hard to achieve – professional opportunities for our members and stakeholders through this exciting new network, either directly, under the Program umbrella (which will support cross-sector projects) or by leveraging our position in the network to source (or earn!) new opportunities and new revenue.

Our development of the Old Ambo as a social enterprise is critical to this, and it’s very important that our members and stakeholders understand what’s happening so they (we) can take advantage of opportunities as they arise – please get in touch if you’d like to learn more, and if possible attend our ‘Catching Up On Ourselves’ evening on 6th October at 5pm. A core idea for this growth in our vision and operations is contained in the idea of ‘grunge entrepreneurship’, our own approach to the whole ‘innovation’ agenda which is so current. Watch this space!

The Old Ambo will be represented by Michael Doneman, who chairs our Board and brings a wide range of experience in community cultural development, education/training and small business development to the opportunity.

Michael Doneman is President and Board Member of The Old Ambo