This is an exciting time for arts on the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Coast Council, in partnership with CQ University, is rolling out an engagement program to understand the needs of the regions arts sector. This conversation will inform the development of the region’s first Arts Plan.

The Sunshine Coast council is creating something unique and rather special - A 20 year Arts Plan for Our region. This really is something that does not happen everywhere. For something like this to be a success it requires input from as many local people as possible!  If we work together what can we create that includes people from every area and strengthens the Arts where we live?

Council have engaged a board of specialist practitioners to help them shape policies and visions. The Cultural Development team has also pulled together a small group of artists who have strong networks to consult with their peers. We are very pleased to let you know we are part of the ‘Arts Ambassadors’ team!

We invite YOU to an interactive forum at Black Box Nambour, on Tuesday 3rd October from 2.30pm to 5pm, which is open to all artists.

You can register on: to take part in the engagement program and be kept up to date with future opportunities in the arts on the Sunshine Coast.



Contact: Florence Teillet  0403 288 287

(with Glen Shepard & Delany Delaney)


Glen and Delany