Pieces of Me is a very personal exhibtion by Peter Rowe, an artist with a difference.

Born with Down syndrome and other conditions that limit his ability to speak, it wasn’t until Peter was nearly 30 that he was introduced to Facilitated Communication (FC) – a system that finally gave him a way to communicate and share his view of his world and experiences, the good and the bad. Since discovering FC Peter has become an exhibiting artist, Presenter and has written, illustrated and published eight children’s books. In Peter’s words “It has meant the world to me to be able to express myself through art and writing. It is very therapeutic and has helped me to become who I am. In many ways my art and my writing have given me a voice to speak with; they have allowed me to express my thoughts, dreams and experiences and given me a way to communicate my feelings and share my hear.”

Peter has a deep love of art, drawing and writing and they have been an important part of his journey. Peter’s paintings, mostly abstract express his thoughts, dreams, and experiences and have allowed Peter an outlet to communicate his feelings. The evolution of Peter’s art over the years is symbolic of his transition out of darkness, confusion and fear, with his more recent works capturing the colour and light of his new found enjoyment of life. In spite of a lack of formal training, many of Peter’s earlier paintings show his natural flair with colour, but for a long time he still continued to include faces in these paintings, which were symbolic of his abusers from the past. Most of Peter’s first paintings expressed his feelings and fears from that dark time in his life. But whether deep with meaning or simple and quirky, the bright colours and abstract style of Peter’s paintings have proved increasingly popular.

At Old Ambo Gallery 1, 13 March to 16 April 2018

Peter is also the featured artist at our 16 March Ambo Long Table Dinner (ALTD). Come along to March’s ALTD at 6.00pm to meet and be inspired by Peter. 

ALTD RSVP’s to ludmila@edgeware.com.au or message 0434 357 862.