MEDIA RELEASE 14 July 2017


Master of Architecture students from Queensland University of Technology carried out urban and community analysis in Nambour recently under the guidance of architect Jim Gall. The students proposed long term Visions for the town, broadly based around a Maker culture with emphasis on localized economy. They focused on architectural projects that might be catalysts for the Vision, selected sites and developed the design of building/urban/landscape projects in more detail.

The proposals are varied and range, in a sense, “from the sublime to the ridiculous” according to Jim Gall. All are works of high quality and imagination. These Visions will be exhibited in the Old Ambulance Station on 21, 22 and 23 July with the launch at 6.00pm on Friday 21st. The community is cordially invited to join us.

The intention of the exhibition is to further connect with the community, show some exciting possibilities for Nambour’s future and to continue the engagement in the Nambour Futures project. The project is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council and QUT.

For more information contact Jim Gall on 0417 741 292