FRAGMENTS WITHIN is a collection of “rescued assemblage” artworks by Nambour-based artist Ken Munsie. The 40 works in the exhibition centre on Ken’s long time engagement with the genre of the artists’ books, and like books, these immersive installations reveal chambers hidden behind closed doors which, when opened, invite the viewer to engage in intimate interactions with mysterious and complicated stories reflecting an artist’s fascination with life, death, rebirth and traces of past existences.

Dates: 5 to 28 April 2019

Venue: Galleries One & Two, The Old Ambulance Station, 80 Howard Street, Nambour

Hours: 10.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Saturday

Exhibition Opening: 5.00pm Saturday 6 April. Ken’s exhibition will be officially opened by Councillor Rick Baberowski.

The works are a combination of timber, rusted metal, glass, found objects and paper, and these unwanted, sometimes damaged and mostly discarded items, that have lived a previous life and are witnesses of human existence, have been rescued and then re-worked to create individual pieces that mirror a story to be explored with the viewer’s imagination.

The stories - rich in their complexity and fascinating in their mystery – are fueled by the artist’s desire to give new life and meaning to ‘rescued’ objects, found or resourced in junk shops, flea markets, deserted farm out-buildings and estate sales.

Munsie doesn’t start with a set idea, preferring instead to let the process and the found object dictate how the stories develop. His fascination with such diverse things as Oriental cultures, iconography, architecture, jewels, Buddhism, and Arabic calligraphy mingles in these works with more down to earth recognizable objects. Everything in his assemblage boxes has been part of something else, and has been chosen, thought out, manipulated to build up stories are in layers, some of which are hidden or only partly evident, some of which can be discovered only by opening more doors, more boxes. 

Closed on the gallery walls the mysterious, doored, wooden boxes are a heavy presence, a quiet statement much like a library, but when opened, each semi-abstract tableau reveals a world of its own, and together they are form a larger installation with its own meaning and purpose. 

This exhibition is a body of work built with care and precision that will intrigue and delight audiences with its richness of visual and textural experiences, taking the viewer on a voyage of imagination to uncover the layered stories within both the opened and the closed chambers.