Australia’s leading maker of the Jimmy Possum style chair - the Bodja - is hosting a series of workshops offering a unique opportunity to create a family heirloom. 

Sunshine Coast artist, Mike Epworth, describes Bodja making as a transformative process, promoting resourcefulness and resilience.

The workshop series is available for an investment of $850 per person with a take home chair guaranteed.

  • April 1: Introduction to Drawknifing. How to safely process a piece of salvaged timber using a drawknife. Timber is provided. Start back rungs.
  • April 2: Drawknifing. Finish back rungs and start legs. Participants will be loaned a drawknife to take home if they don’t have one and will need to pay $25 sharpening fee if they have their own. Participants will also be shown what timbers to look for at home.
  • April 8: Drawknifing. Finish legs headrest and arms.
  • April 9: Make seat, drill holes and assemble their chair. Those participants unable to come on the final day of the workshop will also be shown  how to sand and finish.
  • April 10: Sand and finish the chair.

For bookings or more details email Mike -