Our Tenants

We are thrilled to have the following tenants inspiring and building their services and businesses from the Old Ambo.

Kimberley from Jewellery Collective was kind enough to share the following video at a recent meeting of friends and tenants of the Old Ambo. Click here to view.

If you think that the Old Ambo might be a suitable home in which to grow your creative business, please contact us at info@theoldambulancestation.com.


Spiral (Supporting people in respite and lifestyle) aims to provide an environment of self-determination for people with multiple disabilities on the Sunshine Coast, through the provision of quality support and respite and engaging in valued roles in their community.  Their residency in the Black Box Theatre in 2016 is assisting them to realise their goals of supporting individuals with a disability to build capacity, link into their communities, access leisure and recreational interests, learning and vocational opportunities to become valued members of their communities.

Contact:  Heather Carney Director    heatherc@spiralinc.org.au
0409 584 326               www.spiralinc.org.au



Hempothecary, caters to your Hempy needs from cosmetics, seed and protein, therapeutic grade hemp oil and much much more. We are your one stop shop for everything hemp! Drop by and see Jazzmin to talk about how Hemp and Cannabis oil can help you, find out your rights to request medicinal grade cannabis oil, read our testimonials on our website from satisfied customers! Follow our Facebook to keep up to date with the changing laws, fun recipes and the latest news on everything Hemp.

Contact:   info@hempothecary.com   0410 737 773

ElevenPM Studios

Pete Townson is Managing Director at ElevenPM Studios. He is inviting freelance producer/engineers to engage in the use of his top end facility in the mezzanine level of The Old Ambulance Station in 2017 to record new music for online publishing.

Contact:  elevenpm.booking@gmail.com    0407 768 078

Jewellery Collective

Kimberley Mather of Joyero Jewellery runs the Jewellery Collective which is a jewellery school and co-working space located at the Old Ambulance Station. We offer a wide selection of interactive, experiential workshops including beginner, intermediate and advanced metalsmithing classes. Kimberley has been a metalsmith for the past seven years. She is based in Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast and she travels regularly to study with indigenous silversmiths around the world.

Contact:  hello@jewellerycollective.com.au    0415 836 311 


Mr Beesley Vintage Shop

Vicki Arthur owns and manages Mr Beesley Vintage Shop which is part of the retro network in Nambour. Vicki works creatively with community artists like the Pin Up School and events like Retro Rocks.

Contact:  mrbeesley.vintage@gmail.com    0457 099 829

Hamish Sewell

Hamish  Sewell  is an oral historian and freelance radio producer who has worked with Radio National for thirteen years crafting world-class radio features. Hamish believes in the power of well-crafted audio and is passionate about storytelling and location-based sound experiences. Working alongside his partner, Helen Wilkinson, Hamish is the founder and director of The Story Project and Soundtrails, the geo-locative sound walk app.

Contact:  hamishsewell@gmail.com     0420 926843
www.soundtrails.com.au       www.thestoryproject.org.au/about