A national exhibition of ceramic art will be launched on the Sunshine Coast from August 4.

Featuring 50 nationally recognised artists, the exhibition – at Nambour’s Old Ambulance Station Gallery - brings together a collective to inspire local ceramic art enthusiasts.

From highly decorative, sculptural and classic work, both large and small, works on display will showcase a range of Australian and global influences including environmental, sustainability and cultural aspects.

Exhibitors, including internationally renowned artist Mitsuo Shoji, have joined the special exhibition by invitation only.

“On display will be stunning and diverse works from local and national artists,” organiser Jackie Gasson said.

President of the Suncoast Clayworkers collective, Jackie said the event highlighted our local and national talent.

“Our artists produce works of an international standard,” she said.

“We are proud to welcome award winners to our exhibition such as Greg Daly – who has works on display at more than 80 national and international art galleries and museums.”

A glazing specialist, Greg has also displayed his creations across more than 200 national and international exhibitions.

Sunshine Coast master potter and sculptor Ted Seacombe – who has contributed to exhibitions in Japan, Europe, the US and Australia and has works featured permanently across 30 collections worldwide – will bring to life our local talent.

Known for his beautiful crystalline glazes, as well as his pots of cobalt blue and deep crimson. Ted experiments with and is developing a new range of glazes through an innovative approach to firing, some of which are reminiscent of ancient Chinese glazes.

Contemporary ceramic artist, teacher and best-selling author Janet DeBoos will also join the collective, alongside West Australian clay potter Warrick Palmateer and Gold Coast artisan Megan Puls.

Launched in 2000, Suncoast Clayworkers Association is an umbrella organisation that fosters and promotes all forms of claywork. The collective hosts its biennial conference/convention Spring Fever to inspire a generate new and quality artwork from members and other interested parties, and also sponsors a showcase of national, international and local exhibitors, called Ignition.

A complete list of the artists featured in the exhibition includes:

  • Greg Daly
  • John Daly
  • Janet DeBoos
  • Maureen Sheargold
  • Francis Zircler
  • Merran Esson
  • Simone Fraser
  • Ted Seacombe
  • John Dermer
  • May Briggs
  • Kevin Grealy
  • Carol Forster
  • Anita MacIntyre
  • Jan Roebuck
  • Bill Powell
  • Cathi Franzi
  • Dianne Peach
  • Chiko Jones
  • Mieke Van Sambeek
  • Pieke Proost
  • Mollie Bosworth
  • Andrew Bryant
  • Inge Tanner
  • Adriana Christiansen
  • Dennis Foreshaw
  • Lynne Mcdowell
  • Warrick Palmenteer
  • Avi Amesbury
  • Sam Keane
  • Ellen Appleby
  • Cher Shackleton
  • Cathy Lawly
  • Lindsay Hamilton
  • Robert Linagan
  • Lea Van Dyjk
  • Julie Shepherd
  • Mitsuo Shoji
  • Suvira McDonald
  • Marg Martin
  • Jenny Wall
  • Ros Thompson
  • Robyn Lees
  • Stephen Roberts
  • Robyn Gill
  • Katrina Shepherd
  • Greg Crow
  • Jackie Gasson
  • Kevin Grealy
  • Megan Puls
  • Suvira McDonald
  • Rowly Drysdale.




  • 50 Vessels will be featured at the Old Ambulance Gallery in Nambour from August 4 until August 25
  • Art works have been submitted to the exhibition by invitation only
  • The theme of the event is in celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast Council
  • 50 Vessels is supported by the Sunshine Coast Council community grants program



CONTACT:        0438 450 349